Holiday Season Driving Tips

Holiday Season Driving

Holiday season driving can be hectic, especially if you’re traveling across the country. Fortunately, sticking to a few trip tips can streamline your holiday travels. Preparing ahead of time can certainly make a difference in your journey. Check out these holiday season driving tips.


Plan Ahead

Planning your route ahead of time can help prevent you from getting lost and wasting valuable time. If you’re venturing on a family road trip, take the time to preload directions to your smart device or, if you’re feeling old school, trace the path on a map.

Make sure to take local traffic and weather forecasts into account, too. After all, no one wants to get stuck in heavy rains or deep snow during the holiday. Leaving early to avoid the holiday rush can save you time and money in fuel costs as well.


Be Proactive with Maintenance

Keeping up with routine maintenance is the best way to ensure you don’t have to deal with mechanical problems on the road. Simple maintenance items like changing the oil and rotating tires can streamline the driving experience. Make sure to have your vehicle inspected by one of the professional technicians at Ryan Chevrolet before taking long road trips.


Follow the Speed Limit

There are thousands of drivers on the road during the holiday season, so it only makes sense that police are out in great numbers. Unfortunately, this means that speed traps are more prevalent, too. Sticking to the posted speed limit will not only help you avoid tickets, but ensure you and your family’s own safety.

Top 5 Family-Friendly Summer Staycation Ideas

summer staycation ideas


Relax with your family and enjoy the season with the following summer staycation ideas. These suggestions allow you to go on vacation without stressing over planning or causing damage to your budget.

Get Outdoors

There are many local parks here in Monroe, including Forsythe Park and Lazarre Park on the riverfront. Go for hikes, play outside, and take walks. Make time to visit the Monroe Farmers’ Market, too.

Be a Tourist

Ever wondered what the most popular spot in town is for tourists? (Hint for Monroe residents: it’s the zoo). Think like a tourist and head out with the whole family to visit popular attractions in the city.

Do a Tasting Tour

Foodies will love this one. Conduct a “tasting tour” of your city by taking a week to enjoy different local eateries in Monroe. You can even hit multiple places in one day by going to one restaurant for appetizers, another for the main course, and then going somewhere for ice cream.

Hit a Trampoline Park

Kids love bounce houses and trampolines, and Monroe is home to two trampoline parks — Air U and Altitude! It’s a great way to stay cool while still getting out.

Have a Movie Marathon

Netflix binges are commonplace nowadays, but you could make a movie marathon a family event by putting on your pajamas, cozying up with snacks, and planning a themed movie night.

Wherever your summer plans take you, make sure your car is up to the task — schedule a maintenance check at Ryan Chevrolet.

How to Drive in the Rain

drive in the rain


You might think that driving in the rain really isn’t that much different than driving in clear skies. You’ll quickly change your mind, however, when you get caught in a heavy downpour with strong winds. To help you and other drivers stay safe during spring showers and storms this season, use these tips to freshen up your inclement weather driving skills.


Leave Early

If the weather forecast predicts rain, try to give yourself some extra time to drive to your destination. Driving too fast could lead to hydroplaning, where your vehicle is making contact with the water on the road rather than the road itself. When it’s raining, the best way to stay in control is to take the drive slower than usual.


Turn on Your Lights

Headlights are extremely important in the rain because they increase your visibility to other drivers. Next time you drive in the rain, be sure your lights are on.


Change Your Wipers

Another thing that optimizes visibility is new windshield wipers. It’s easy to change your own windshield wipers, and it will make all the difference in a downpour.


Leave Extra Space

When driving in the rain, you should leave extra space between you and other vehicles, just as you would in the snow. With slippery, wet roads, it’s more likely that stopping will take longer, or that another vehicle will spin out of control. The extra space could save you from a potential collision.


To make sure your vehicle is ready to handle the challenges of spring, schedule a maintenance check with our trained technicians at Ryan Chevrolet.

Keeping Up On Your Spring Car Maintenance

spring car maintenance

Today’s vehicles are built to last for a long time. But as car owners, it’s our job to provide the upkeep needed to keep our vehicles in these best conditions. Here are a few things you should be doing this spring to keep your car in tip top shape.


Check the Tires

With the fluctuation of temperatures, tires tend to lose and gain air pressure. You should always be aware of tire pressure, checking it every couple of weeks. Now is a particularly good time to take a look at each of your vehicle’s tires, looking not only for the appropriate pressure, but also checking for any signs of wear or low tread, which would mean it’s time for new tires.


Check the Wipers

They say that April showers bring May flowers, and they also bring low visibility. Make sure you’re ready for the rain by replacing the wiper blades. It’s easy and inexpensive to do and can make all the difference in visibility. While you’re at it, top off the wiper fluid as well.


Oil Change and Check Up

A vehicle generally needs an oil change every three months or so. Getting an oil change is a great excuse for having the rest of your vehicle’s mechanics, fluids, and parts examined by a professional.


Bring your car into Ryan Chevrolet for some professional car maintenance. Our experienced service team is ready to help you get your car ready for the next season and beyond.

Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean

keeping your car clean

If you’re a car-owner who could stand to cut back on the clutter, we’re here to help. These tips from Ryan Chevrolet will set you up for success, so that keeping your car clean can become as natural and effortless as driving it.


Organize Your Tools

There are some things you should always have in your vehicle, like jumper cables, extra oil, and a flashlight. Keep these things together in a lidded bin in the trunk so that the rest of your cargo space can stay neat available for use.


Organize Your Papers

You always want easy access to things like your insurance card and your registration. Buy a small binder organizer from the office supply store. You can keep all of these papers together and tucked away in your glove box.


Make a Trash Can

Small bits of trash like straw wrappers or old to-do list can quickly turn into clutter—but not when you have a trash can on hand. A Tupperware cereal box lined with a plastic bag is the perfect DIY car trash can.


Keep the Pet Hair at Bay

If you travel with a four-legged friend, you might find it best to keep an old blanket or a back seat pet hammock on hand. You can put this down over your back seat as a cover for the seat itself, so when you’re traveling with two-legged passengers all you’ll need to do is move the blanket to reveal a clean back seat.


If cleaning your car doesn’t cut it and you really want that new car smell, stop by Ryan Chevrolet to take a look at our inventory.