How to Drive in the Rain


You might think that driving in the rain really isn’t that much different than driving in clear skies. You’ll quickly change your mind, however, when you get caught in a heavy downpour with strong winds. To help you and other drivers stay safe during spring showers and storms this season, use these tips to freshen up your inclement weather driving skills.


Leave Early

If the weather forecast predicts rain, try to give yourself some extra time to drive to your destination. Driving too fast could lead to hydroplaning, where your vehicle is making contact with the water on the road rather than the road itself. When it’s raining, the best way to stay in control is to take the drive slower than usual.


Turn on Your Lights

Headlights are extremely important in the rain because they increase your visibility to other drivers. Next time you drive in the rain, be sure your lights are on.


Change Your Wipers

Another thing that optimizes visibility is new windshield wipers. It’s easy to change your own windshield wipers, and it will make all the difference in a downpour.


Leave Extra Space

When driving in the rain, you should leave extra space between you and other vehicles, just as you would in the snow. With slippery, wet roads, it’s more likely that stopping will take longer, or that another vehicle will spin out of control. The extra space could save you from a potential collision.


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