Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean

If you’re a car-owner who could stand to cut back on the clutter, we’re here to help. These tips from Ryan Chevrolet will set you up for success, so that keeping your car clean can become as natural and effortless as driving it.


Organize Your Tools

There are some things you should always have in your vehicle, like jumper cables, extra oil, and a flashlight. Keep these things together in a lidded bin in the trunk so that the rest of your cargo space can stay neat available for use.


Organize Your Papers

You always want easy access to things like your insurance card and your registration. Buy a small binder organizer from the office supply store. You can keep all of these papers together and tucked away in your glove box.


Make a Trash Can

Small bits of trash like straw wrappers or old to-do list can quickly turn into clutter—but not when you have a trash can on hand. A Tupperware cereal box lined with a plastic bag is the perfect DIY car trash can.


Keep the Pet Hair at Bay

If you travel with a four-legged friend, you might find it best to keep an old blanket or a back seat pet hammock on hand. You can put this down over your back seat as a cover for the seat itself, so when you’re traveling with two-legged passengers all you’ll need to do is move the blanket to reveal a clean back seat.


If cleaning your car doesn’t cut it and you really want that new car smell, stop by Ryan Chevrolet to take a look at our inventory.

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